Wisata ke Kebun Raya Cibodas

CIBODAS Botanical Garden (Wisara ke Kebun Raya Cibodas)

Cibodas botanical garden was founded in 1800 that was originally a place of quinine cultivation. Among the collection of plant medicines  is a drug Tempuyung kidney stones and  ki urat plants to treat diabetes . There is also an aromatic plant, namely Cinnamomun sp . You just squeeze the leaves and immediately issued a fragrant aroma. While the collection of plants in the greenhouse is cacti TONG EMAS. Araucaria trees also adorn this botanical garden whose diameter exceeds the arms of four adults. The collection of Sakura flowers here also helps us, so we do not have to go far to Japan. Sakura trees are flowering here each January February and August September. Knowledgeable guide who will accompany us. He will provide us with knowledge about the plants, their Latin name, character, original place and usefulness.

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