Main ke Sawah

Playing to the Rice Field (Main ke Sawah)

Other outdoor package that hotel Giri Kembang issued is PLAYING to THE RICE FIELD. The area is Located in the village of Sukaratu, District Gekbrong, Cianjur, West Java. This location can be reached within 45 minutes from the hotel. This village is a tourist village where his last activity was followed by a worldwide Scouts stayed for three days in last April 2013. We set up a game that can bring us closer to nature, especially the daily activities of the local farmers. An activity of plowing a field with a buffalo animal-drawn plow is the first activity that will introduce our toe with mud field and our hands to the body of the buffalo. And planting rice seed turned out to require a very high accuracy because it will affect the success of the crop at harvest later. Whereas sosrodotan games or LORI games are games that belong to the village child who spread palm tree wood in between the rice field. Players will be cool to slide the dowel and ends with a plunge into the fields. At the end of the game, dish lunch was waiting on the edge of rice fields while enjoying TUTUGWULAN art played by local village women.

See you at the windy rice field village.

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