Hiking to Waterfall


A short briefing on what is allowed and what not to do during the trip will start our journey. From the beginning to the end of the trip we will enjoy views of the tropical forest on either side. And a guide who accompanied us on the trip will also explain the types of forest plant species we encounter with his characteristic and its usefulness for us. Sometimes if we are lucky, we will meet up with a bunch of monkeys that were hanging on the tree looking for fruit woods. At the end of the trip, waterfall gurgling sound will sound faint, ever more clearly audible. Although some of us are reluctant to wet, but once we saw the fresh and clear waterfalls will tempt us to just dip a toe or even let her flushed our head and body. Exhausting trip was paid off with a cold feel and the abundance of waterfall.

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Villa Giri Kembang adalah penginapan yang terdapat di daerah Cipanas - Puncak, Jawa Barat. Hotel dan villa ini memiliki fasilitas olahraga seperti kolam renang, lapangan badminton dan ping-pong. Penginapan ini juga memiliki permainan tradisional seperti dakon, catur, dan othello.


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